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Mole, don

The Mouse came running to the Little Mole. “Little Mole, Little Mole, the spring behind my house has dried up. I can’t water my flowers. They’re withering and sighing already. Please bring me some dew from the meadows so they can smile and grow again. But don’t spill a drop of water!”

Help the Little Mole carry the water. The players sit around the table, with the main part with the picture of the Little Mole in the middle, and placewooden cylinders on the table next to him. The youngest player starts the game. Throw the dice and choose the same colour cylinder as the one on the dice. Place the cylinder carefully anywhere on top of the wooden Little Mole while making sure that he doesn’t tip over and the cylinder doesn’t fall off. The next player then does the same. If a player rolls a colour and there are no more cylinders of that colour, the dice should be thrown again until it matches one of the remaining colours.

The game ends when the wooden Little Mole tips over or some or all of the cylinders fall off. The player whose throw caused this to happenwrites down one penalty point and the game starts again.

The game is designed for 2-6 players, for children from the age of 4  upwards.



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