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Museum - excursion

Would you like to know more about the historical production of wooden toys? We offer tours to see production techniques with a tradition of more than 110 years. Excursion, during which you see whole production process, takes approximately 50-60 minutes. At the end of your tour you can buy products in the company shop. For history fans, we offer the tour of war production during the years 1939-1945. Those interested in sport can visit the exhibition of Rudolf Burkert, the first Czechoslovak medalist of winter olympic games.

Owing to popular demand we recommend that you book your tour in advance. When at full capacity we cannot provide immediate tours for groups that have not booked in advance.

Opening hours

Creative workshops

In our company shop you can buy not only our products but also a bag with different components and in our „creative workshops“ you can give reins your fantasy and manufacture your own toy. Entry to the workshops when you buy the bag is free. Further information you can get on +420 483 356 330 or sales@detoa.cz.