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We traditionally manufacture all the products in our factory. Our products are labelled „Made in the Czech Republic“. From the beginning to the final processing are all our products being strictly checked and therefore we can ensure the highest quality.


Our goal is to keep and protect the environment. For that case we have taken all the precautions – we only work with wood from the Czech and Slovac Republic, we prefer hornbeam, beech and maple. The reason why we support forestry that uses the certification is to avoid cutting down more trees than it has got a chance to grow. We also make use of the wood waste that we get from the manufacturing – it is used as a fuel for the factory itself or for nearby households. Our process of manufacture is being improved all the time and it is also being closely checked so as to save more energy and avoid CO2 emissions. For our purpose, we installed a small photovoltaic power station. Construction was more expensive than others, because it is located on the roof of industrial building and any agricultural land was destroyed.

Surface finish

In DETOA we only use natural base colours and varnishes that are environmentally-friendly and are authorized from the Europian standard EN71. We use special printing process to make colour prints on the wood - this mechanism allow us to have both special richness and resistance of colour.

Working conditions

We provide good working conditions and we ask the same from our suppliers. We are trying to be always fair and correct towards our employees and we offer them safe and healthy working environment.


DETOA toys meet the requirements of actual Europian authorization and international safety standards. Our products are being closely tested during the process of manufacturig. They must agree with the Europian standard EN71 and the result of tests is the safety mark. Our products are made of quality hardwood (maple, beech and hornbeam), that is lumbered mostly in the mountainous regions of the Central Europe. The wood from these industrial emissions free regions is of high quality and it guarantees us a maximum possible utilization percentage. As soon as the logs are cut down, they are delivered to our conversion depot. They are protected there against mold and coloring - exclusively by being uninterruptedly sprayed with water. They are chemically neither processed nor treated. The delivered logs are continuously cut into timber of different thickness. The timber is stacked up and naturally dried for 6 to18 months. Being naturally pre-dried, the wood is cut into scantlings and boards of required dimensions. The drying is finished to 7-9% dampness in fully automated drying rooms, which are computer-operated and work on the principle of water-vapor-drying at higher temperatures. Only wood without any evident defects is used for further production.

For coloring, we use only quality certified ecological colors and varnishes complying with the EN 71 standard, approved to be used by children of any age, and having no impact on the environment. The used adhesives are bought from renowned European manufactures and are also certified for the youngest children. Also other materials (such as leather, felt, or fabric) are subject to a strict input control and comply with all safety requirements.

Packages used for our products are fully recyclable. We have been involved in the European system of package recycling and we are authorized to use the Green Point symbol on our products.

Our products are designed mostly for the youngest children; therefore, quite a lot attention is given to the technological process and completion. Consequently, permanent and high quality of products made by DETOA Albrechtice, s. r. o. is guaranteed. Each toy you find on these web sides has been tested by an independent institute and it is certified with regard to safety.

We are obliged to enclose corresponding warning with our toys. It should quarantee the proper use of the toy. We provide all the information about the use and recommended kid´s age. The producer wants to avoid some danger caused by an unproper use. Please, read the warning carefully and keep it in case of future need.